The Solar Crisis of LVMUN 2017 will take place in the not-too-far future, one in which man has colonized the near and far Solar System.

Two cabinets, the United Nations of Earth and Luna, and the Independent Martian Republic, vie for dominance in a System wracked by resource shortages, piracy, and political intrigue. Utilizing all means at their disposal the politicians, admirals, and captains of industry who make up these two rival cabinets must either strive for a lasting peace between their nations, or ensure the Solar dominance of their home planet.

The fate of the Solar System, and that of humanity, rest in the hands of these men and women.

Crisis Director: Joshua Upton

Hello! I'm Joshua and I’m the Crisis Director for LVMUN 2017. I’m a student of the University of Glasgow studying a postgrad in Global Security. I've attended twelve conferences in my MUN career, from the UK, to Hungary, to Israel. Earlier this year I was the crisis director for UkraineMUN’s Future Security Council Crisis, and I am excited to leap even further into the future with LVMUN’s crisis. I’m looking forward to causing some chaos with my fabulous backroom team and creating a challenging and exciting crisis for our delegates to enjoy and blow things up in. See you all in Riga for drinks, debating, and most importantly drinks!

Crisis Assistant Director: Alexander Sohl

Alexander Sohl is a German-born engineer and entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. The experiences he gathered while traveling and living around the world have infused him with a passion for international relations and politics. Gladly he stumbled upon Model United Nations in Shanghai 2008. Ever since, MUN is an activity that has given him much more than simply the opportunities to learn about international affairs, to travel across four continents, or to get really good at tying his tie on the go as he rushes to committee. More importantly, MUN has given him the chance to meet all of you; to connect with young people from over a hundred countries, and to foster meaningful friendships that last far beyond the bang of the final gavel dies out. Alex looks forward to joining you in destroying the world at LVMUN this December!

Crisis Assistant Director: Samuel Körner

When Samuel saw a poster titled "AntwerpMUN call for delegates" in November 2015 he thought "Why not" and immediately applied. This was the start of a series of national and international adventures including but not limited to BerlinMUN, CUIMUN and SCOTMUN and chairing positions at AntwerpMUN and this July's inaugural edition of LDAMUN in Tbilisi, Georgia. Samuel has a background in Hospitality and is determined to get his Certified Ethical Hackers and Cisco Certified Networking Associate certificates by September. Furthermore, he loves travelling, 'legendary nights', good food and is a coffee addict. Samuel is looking forward already to welcoming you at the most awesome of committees...which is obviously Crisis!

Crisis Assistant : Oscar De Rosa

Oscar De Rosa is a Second Year Philosophy student at the University of York. Despite only having started MUN in the previous year, Oscar has attended 5 conferences and was is a training officer for UNA York. Oscar’s interests include Philosophy of Language and the Yugoslav wars and is currently finding a way of bridging the gap between the two; if such a bridge exists. His crisis exploits include proclaiming himself pope of the Vikings to lead a holy war against the Christians and creating a Basilica out of the bones of dead Christians and having a spy hide in Charles I’s pantry and cross contaminating meats so that the king got a bit ill. He is also a passionate debater if a very loud and disgruntled one at times.

Crisis Assistant : Ben Bolton

Ben Bolton is a Canadian born, Scottish second year student at the university of York in the UK and studies German Spanish and Linguistics. He has been an active member of UNA York since his first year and is now a training officer and USG chairing at the society for YorkMUN 2018. He is interested in history and politics along with science fiction. Having traveled through Europe and America Ben wants to see more of Asia and South America. Interests in both science fiction and crisis is what led him to backroom for this crisis. The topic leaves a lot of room to be creative and ensure victory which Ben is more than happy to backroom in this very creative crisis.