Chairs and topics of LVMUN VI will be announced shortly!

Historical crisis committee will simulate one of the past crisis.
The delegates will take up one of the sides in the conflict, and will have to react to changing conditions. During the conference, the delegates will have a chance to react to the crisis, and their decisions will have a direct impact on the further scenario.

Topic of discussion will be The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Difficulty level: Low

Crisis Director: Alfie Jenkins

Alfie is a second year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Reading in the UK. Having done MUN for nearly 4 years, he has participated in 23 conferences at both school and university level as a delegate, chair, crisis assistant director, logistics volunteer and secretariat member. As well as being deputy director-general for PR at LIMUN: High school, he has actively served as the Director-General for Global Classrooms Model UN since 2015 and frequently helps train school delegates starting MUN for the first time. MUN is his main passion but he also takes great interest in the wider political world as well as history in general.

Crisis Assistant Director: Janet Wong

Janet is an experienced MUN-er who has rich experience both in being a delegate and director of committees. Based in Hong Kong, she has joined many local and regional conferences, including HKMUN and Chinese University MUN. More recently, she acted as the assistant director of Arab League in Yale MUN China in Shanghai. She is most excited to meet you in Riga this coming October.

Crisis Assistant Director: Lorcán Hyde

Lorcán Hyde is from an Irish family and was brought up in Munich, the beautiful capital of Bavaria. Lorcán’s first MUN experience was in 2013. After he graduated from high school, he randomly came across MUN conferences and decided to attend some that same year. It turned out to be one of the most defining academic experiences for him. Many MUN conferences followed, including and now he finds himself in Riga to chair the Crisis Committee at this year’s edition of LVMUN. Aside from the MUN-world, Lorcán is a 4th year law student, now studying at the Ludwig Maximilians University in his hometown Munich. He specialises in International law and European law and has participated in a number of moot courts and mock trials, including the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court. In his spare time, Lorcán enjoys literature, football and playing Gaelic (Irish) Sports. He is very much looking forward to chair at LVMUN and hopes the delegates will be able to explore and appreciate this most interesting committee.