Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is an important part of the United Nations system, working towards economic, environmental and social development.

ECOSOC brings people and issues together to foster discussion and collective action.


Difficulty level: Medium


IMF Director: Justyna Danilo

Justyna is a student of law at University of Warsaw, Poland. Her first MUN experience was in 2011 and ever since that time she took part in various MUN conferences both as a chair and delegate.
Her experience also includes representing the University of Warsaw at the Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition three times as well as organising conferences and international exchange projects by being an active member of AIESEC - the largest youth-run organization in the world.
Apart from all of that, she is a huge enthusiast of travelling and is always willing to share her stories with you.

Assistant Director: Rob Dykes

Rob Dykes, the assistant director for ECOSOC, is an Economics student at the University of York, entering his second year in September. He has attended a number of MUN conferences in his first year in the UK, as well as Harvard World MUN in Montreal but LVMUN will be his first chairing experience.
Rob is a middle/long distance runner, and is currently in the middle of fundraising for running the Athens marathon in November.
He spends some of the rare free time he gets reading or listening to podcasts, often about economics, politics and technology, topics he is very passionate about.