United Nations Security Council (UNSC) The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) maintains the international peace and security by evaluating existence of a threat to the peace, discussing disputes and helping parties to settle them.
Council will discuss important topics and make decisions that will affect the world.


     Difficulty level: High


Director : Dania Ashary

Dania Ashary, a US and British national, is currently pursuing a joint honors degree in English Literature and International Politics at King's College London, and will be in her final year this coming September. She began her Model United Nation’s career at the age of 14, and since then has attended over 30 conferences as a delegate, chair, and a secretariat member at various conference levels.

Currently, she serves as the Under-Secretary General of Logistics for LIMUN:HS and is heavily involved in societies such as Pro-Bono Society, Human Rights Project and other activist societies across her university campus. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue her graduate studies in the UK.

LVMUN will be her first international conference, apart from her involvement in MUN back home in the states and during her time at university in the UK, and she is excited for the upcoming debates. She is looking forward to welcoming you all this December and wishes you good luck with your research!

Assistant Director : Silvia Pontoglio

Silvia is an undergraduate student of Political Science and International Cooperation at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. She was raised between the little and affectionate village of Monza and the big and exciting Milan, where she is now based. During her studies, she found out being especially interested in the branch of development of risk areas which is the reason why she has been involved in charity programs for many years and she is now working in the international cooperation field.

Since the first year of university, she has been interested in the thrilling world of Model United Nations, taking part in the Rome MUN as a delegate representing Romania in the General Assembly. After just one experience as a delegate, she started collaborating as a tutor for the Italian delegates leaving for Rome MUN and New York MUN.

She loves traveling for tourism but especially for charity reasons, which in fact led her to many far away countries. At the moment, she is spending a semester in Krakow, Poland, as an Erasmus+ student.