13th Century Livonia 1270, it has been two years since the Livonian order, an independent branch of the Teutonic order, has come out of a brutal war with the Novgorod republic and Pskov Republic. And recent defeat at the hands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania led to the death of the Grandmaster. Now the new Grandmaster, Walther von Nortecken is faced with a tumultuous situation where he faces continued pressure from the Semigallians with their Lithuanian benefactors. Von Nortecken wishes to maintain the order and continue the proliferation of Christianity in his Baltic nation however he faces a different challenge from the local tribes, which while conquered 7 decades earlier, were never fully subdued. Although issues from without constantly grow in number, the order is faced with issues from within, many members have called for an end to the long war with Lithuania and to release Estonia from Danish control.  These rebels have drawn support from many within the Livonian and the greater Teutonic order while also placating the Estonians, long kept under Danish Yoke. The stage is set and the line drawn and the question is how long will the Livonian order continue to exert their power over the Baltic?

Crisis Director: Oscar De Rosa

I am a third year Philosophy student at the University of York and have taken an active role in MUN since joining it in 2016. Whether General Assembly or Crisis simulations I love doing MUN. This year I would like to inject the same of amount of fun that LVMUN gave me in 2017 and hope I succeed in this. I am also a tea merchant, do with that information what you will.

Crisis Assistant Director: Anastasiia Nahorna

Student at the faculty of the international relations in Lviv Ivan Franko University. To add, the forced migrant from the Luhansk region. Debater. MUNer. Pragmatist. Criticist. In love with sarcasm. Have had the internship in the analytical centre Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF) by writing the political articles on the foreign policy analysis. Participated in numerous debating tournaments (British Parliamentary). Member of the Debate Federation of Ukraine. Member of the Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine. Member of the NGO “Young Diplomacy”. Freelance writer at Livingstone Research, Currently I am in the org. team of Lviv Open 2018 (debating tournament).

Crisis Assistant Director: Harry Clay

Harry is a second year student from York, studying philosophy. Since attending CUIMUN in 2017, he as already taken part in half a dozen different conferences, ranging from SheffMUN and YorkMUN in the North of England, to DamMUN in northern Europe. Having attached himself to crisis, he enjoys playing out moments of alternate history, which unfortunately fuels his ego, and builds up his self image as a demagogue. Outside of MUN, he has a passion for 70’s British sitcoms and Yorkshire nationalism, however these areas rarely meet. He hopes to have a long and successful career in diplomacy following university, but failing that, would settle for self-unemployment.

Crisis Chair : Samuel Korner

Samuel works at a four-star hotel in the historic center of Bruges, which he will next year combine with studies in Criminological Sciences at the Free University of Brussels.
MUN brought him to new places all over Europe from Edinburgh to Tbilisi. Furthermore he enjoys travelling, occasional kayaking, good cuisine and binge watching low-rated IMDB movies. Fun fact: This picture was taken during his first ever MUN opening statement. Samuel is looking forward to welcoming you at the coolest committee of them all: Crisis!

Crisis Chair: Daryl Tiglao

My name is Daryl Tiglao and I will be one of the Crisis Chairs for this year’s edition of LVMUN.
I was a law student for the last 5 years, having studied both my undergraduate degree in law, and my postgraduate diploma in the University of Edinburgh. Right now, I am looking to apply to be a trainee at law firm with the aim of eventually qualifying as a solicitor in Scotland.
Model UN is something that didn’t come to me naturally at first. It took me more than 7 conferences to actually get good at it (so don’t worry too much!). Over time, and with some really patient chairs, I improved over the course of over 20 conferences, split up between the UK and Ireland, and continental Europe. I was a delegate in several different committees and have chaired in a few them, including Crisis (which involved a haiku battle). I look forward to chairing my second crisis this year, in my first MUN in the Baltic!
When I’m not either in a MUN or wondering which one I can do next, I usually read up on whatever’s happening somewhere in the world, or I’m gaming. I could also add travelling as a hobby here since it pretty much goes hand in hand with the European conferences I go to. If you are applying to Crisis, I hope you will find it fun and challenging, with people who you will call your friends by the end of the conference!