Director: Pritesh Kwatra

"I come from beautiful country of Himalayas, you guess? Entering final year of B.Sc Robotics studies at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania. So briefly, I would say that Engineering is my passion and diplomacy is my dream. I started dreaming for UN with beginning of MUN’s at high school and since then I have participated in around 25 MUN’s in 3 continents, attending as delegate as well chair. Last year, I had privilege to be the part of youth delegation from my country to the UN, NYC.
When I am not involved with my studies and MUN, I love travelling, history and all book-related. My hobbies are occasional painting and photography, social working and public speaking. I am also intermediate Badminton player from childhood and part of University sports team, active member of University student council.
I am thrilled to be Director of ECOSOC, and I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience for all the participants in which they will be able to explore a beautiful city of Riga, engage in a high-level substantial debate, and meet people from all around. I am looking forward to a stellar simulation of UN committees at LVMUN 2018."

Assistant Director: Anna Soltanowich

"My name is Anna, I'm a proud Belarusian, born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. I study law in Belarusian State University with major in criminal law and criminal procedure. My journey into the MUN world began in high school, when I decided to take part in a local conference. Years have passed, but my passion for MUNs is only developing with time. I have participated as a delegate and a chair in numerous conferences both in my country and abroad and not planning to stop in the nearest future. Apart from MUNs my interests include moot courts on international public and private law and other fun activities connected with law 🙂 I love travelling and meeting intelligent and ambitious people, who are my biggest source of inspiration. I'm ready to make LVMUN 2018 unforgettable for both newcomers and experienced delegates and have lots of fun!"