European Council

Director: Amit Arkhipov-Goyal

Dear Delegates,

I’ll be joining you from the Netherlands, where I’m doing a master’s in data science at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Besides that, I’m doing an internship at a think-tank in The Hague. Originally, I’m a mixed kid of Russian-Indian heritage. To keep up the spirit of randomness, I move around a lot. Model UN has been a part of my life for a while, conveniently combined with travel to a bunch of exciting places. I’ve accumulated a variety of chairing experience, from GA’s to crisis and special committees, which I hope will add value to this EC committee. On a personal note, dark humour and beef jerky are uncontrollable guilty pleasures, not that I feel guilty about them. Having said that, I look forward to making this committee one to remember.

See you all in November!

Assistant Director: Anna Kirchmayr

Hi everyone! My name is Anna Sophie Kirchmayr. For those who don’t know me, I am
Austrian-German and am a second year Politics and International Relations student at the
University of Kent. I have been attending and chairing MUN conferences for far too long,
starting in high school at 14. Since then, I’ve continued to attend conferences in the UK. My
favourite parts of MUN are the fun socials and amazing people you get to meet, and I very
excited to be able to just do that at LVMUN as assistant director of the EC. As a European,
the EC is of particular interest to me. Every European nation (and indeed citizen) has strong
beliefs on how best to tackle the hot-button issues the EC faces today. I really look forward to
meeting you all in Riga, and hope I can contribute my small share to ensure you have an
amazing time!